Tudosobrediabetes Dr Thumb - The original thumb sucking treatment kit. Break the habit in 2 weeks. (Small (12-36 Months)):Tudosobrediabetes
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Dr Thumb - The original thumb sucking treatment kit. Break the habit in 2 weeks. (Small (12-36 Months)):Tudosobrediabetes

Dr Thumb
Dr Thumb Published in October 16, 2018, 2:22 am
 Dr Thumb - The original thumb sucking treatment kit. Break the habit in 2 weeks. (Small (12-36 Months)):Tudosobrediabetes

Dr Thumb - The original thumb sucking treatment kit. Break the habit in 2 weeks. (Small (12-36 Months)):Tudosobrediabetes

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Lorna Cooke
Lorna Cooke Reply to on 5 June 2017
The last thumb guard we brought a year a go and it certainly broke the habit. My son who was 6 at the time nearly constantly sucked his thumb (due to anxiety) and within 2 weeks the thumb sucking had stopped. He wore the guard to school and it didn't stop him doing anything. Luckily school were supportive. I thought the first night would be hard but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be and the second night was only a bit of a struggle for him to fall asleep.
We have just brought another thumb guard as our son has started to suck his thumb in the middle of the night. He's unaware he's doing it. Funny enough with the thumb guard on he doesn't even try to suck his thumb. This nightly thumb sucking is proving harder to break. He goes to sleep happily without sucking his thumb and sleeps for a good few hours before that thumb creeps in. So he now wears the thumb guard at night. He finds it comfortable to sleep wearing but the new one isn't as comfortable as the old one as they loosen up a bit with wear and get super comfortable.
Ruth Reply to on 25 May 2018
Bought just over a year ago for my 6 almost 7yr old son. Was reviewing past items I'd bought and realised that I should have reviewed this product because it worked incredibly well. I had tried so many things to help my son give up thumb sucking and this product worked wonders. He definitely wanted to stop the habit, but needed the support to do so. He wore Dr Thumb for a week during half term, didn't initially want to wear it to school, but after a day without it at school said he would give it a go. He liked the fact that Dr Thumb looked 'cool' - as if he had injured his thumb and he enjoyed the attention from his friends. It needed a good wash every evening but after 3 weeks of wearing it day and night (very helpful because he used to suck his thumb in his sleep), he felt that he didn't need it anymore, and he was right!
Kerry Reply to on 10 December 2017
No more thumb sucking for our little girl! Habit easily broken using this thumb guard. Our daughter was 16 months old and her thumb had been looking very sore from her sucking on it so we decided to try this and although it is expensive we are glad we did. The guard looks a little confusing at first and the instructions although detailed didn't really help but after a few days even our daughter was able to help put it on - but couldn't take it off thankfully! We didn't use it 24/7 as directed due to the rubbing others have also experienced. Our daughter only sucked her thumb when she was tired / going to sleep so we were able to only put it on for naps and night time after the first couple of days to reduce the rubbing and this worked well. The guard only bothered her the first night when she tried to suck her thumb and after that she was happy to wear it. The guard didn't stop her doing anything else and we do recommend it as it has stopped a habit in a very short period of time (2 weeks of use, but habit certainly seemed broken within the first 4/5 days), but I do wonder how sore her hand might have been had we kept it on 24/7 for the two weeks. It has now been 2 months since stopping use of the guard and no more thumb sucking!
Angela Reply to on 2 September 2015
Good product - my five year old boy stopped sucking his thumb after 2 weeks use. Still can't believe it did work as he had acquired the habit from birth. The child should be willing though as it's easy to take off if they are not happy wearing it. Had conversation with my son first and he agreed to stop the habit so he wore it to school for 2 weeks. Would definitely recommend
lucyd75 Reply to on 8 May 2016
I've ended up buying 3 of these for my 7 year old son, and I think that I've missed the boat slightly on trying to get him to give up what essentially is now a habit.
I think that this would be great for younger children who cannot undo the guard or who would not bite it so much that they then become able to suck at least the tip of the thumb.
I wish I had found it sooner, but he has been sort of wearing it for months now, and we are no closer to removing his thumb form his gob, apart from when it is on, but even then he is biting chunks out of it.
mmnyag Reply to on 31 March 2018
This is not secure at all, my 4year old was able to take it off and suck his thumb on the second day. I have had to improvise by pitting a glove first then this and secure the glove to this. Costs too much and does not actually do the job. I am afraid I would not recommend this product.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 16 November 2017
It does not work for us. Our 20 months old baby can easily get the thumb out of it. If I change the fastening it cuts into her hand and rubs her skin. Our daughter doesn't want to wear it and gets very distressed at night time. Waste of money.
Nic Reply to on 24 November 2016
Good idea but doesn't work - the plastic has some stretch and my 5yo learned how to pull it off her thumb and suck after less than a week. She can't remove the whole thing, but she can access her thumb even with it on the tightest possi me wrist setting, so it's pointless.
LMC Reply to on 7 July 2016
Bought this for my 6 year old who sucks his thomb since he was born... well... it didn't worked... we used the timetable with rewards for 3 weeks. He did reduced the thomb sucking but he managed to remove the Dr Thomb several times and he eventually chewed the rubber on the thomb... for us it didn't work and it was a waste of money but perhaps it works with younger children....
milly Reply to on 1 September 2018
My child is 5 and has got slim hands.
He had it on half an hour (size large) and he had a deep red mark also the device was full of condensation all round the palm and the strap.
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